Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Booze & Meringue

In June I participated in a writer's regimen conducted by the Southeast Review. Basically, it was a program of ideas and quotes and riff words aimed at giving writers a daily prompt. I admit I didn't get to it every day, but if the prompt appealed to me I gave it a shot. One of the prompts was about foreign landscapes, and because I was at the time both reading a book (Elfriede Jelinek's "The Pianist") that mentions cake and receiving emails that included pictures of cake from a typographer acquaintance who was visiting Vienna, I made cake my landscape. 

It was fun to do, and the Southeast Review chose to feature the piece - Booze, Sugar & Meringue - on their site. As a kind of poem-a-day, it's not polished, but cake is also a messy affair, porous, and often full of nuts.

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Kathleen said...

Enjoyed this. **drooling**

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