Thursday, March 29, 2018


I've been trying to show a little less skin, figuratively speaking, when it comes to Misery. Less of the original text, more masking and hiding. With that in mind I did "The Wreck" over, here. The original was published at Sixth Finch. I like them both.

I've got a couple Misery poems still coming together, but am also trying out some new texts. Nevertheless, given a couple recent wrecks, including tearing, poor planning, and disastrous shadowing, I just ordered a third copy of Misery. That ought to be it!

You can see some recently published poems from this series online at Dream Pop. Tinderbox also published O flutes and The Manor Gone earlier this year.

In print, Passages North and Poetry Northwest both included Misery poems in their latest issues, too. 
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