Sunday, June 17, 2018

Recent poems

The big event of the weekend was trying to explain to airport security in Spanglish what my one-hole hole puncher was for. Not everyone has a frequent need for confetti. It's an excellent tool that makes the trip back and forth across Europe with me these days.

Otherwise, I've had a flurry of visual found poems published over the past couple days. Mostly from the Misery series but also from other books, including "The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin," a collection of Eudora Welty stories, and Ali Smith's "The Accidental."

Six are in Tupelo Quarterly, three from Misery and three from Ben Franklin.

Two others, "Like the petals of one big scattered flower" and "Honeycomb," are in The Collagist.

I'll have some others out in the near future in Paperbag and Ghost Proposal.

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