Thursday, September 05, 2013

From the tip of an island since pulled away

I have a few poems out this week. 

Stamp Album of the Suicides” is at Dialogist. The inspirations were 1) stamps & stamp albums, which I learned to love in China; 2) respect for suicides, often disparaged for being weak and selfish; and 3) a plain old love of order. Check out the art in this issue - very good. 

A newer ezine, Bitterzoet, has three other poems: “A Hawaii Postcard Arrives in Winter 12 Years Late,” “Breaking News” and “Standing in Line Alone.” They also have a print issue, for which they took two other poems. 


drew said...

Congratulations on publication! I enjoyed the poems, and love your titles (an art form in itself).

Kathleen said...

Glad to read (and/or hear!) these poems.

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