Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Sometimes after a poem is published I get the feeling film actors describe about being uncomfortable watching their own performances. It that has little to do with whether or not the poem/performance succeeds, but with being confronted with yourself, and knowing the meeting is taking place in public. This is especially true if I've recorded the poem. Who ever really enjoyed the sound of their own voice?

Editors seem to have awoken from their holiday slumber. In the past two days, I've had a poem accepted by Fugue, two others accepted by The Bakery, and a rejection from Agni. My holiday slumber, on the other hand, continues. But for those who were worried, my calendar arrived. 

Meanwhile I have a short serial prose poem up at Saudade called "Re-Reading Guide to Hardy." I'm a Thomas Hardy fan, and Jude the Obscure is my favorite.


Kathleen said...

I loved the re-reading guide. Having gone through my own belated calendar confusion, I am so glad yours has arrived!

ron hardy said...

Lots of actors say it's hard to watch themselves. I can remember hearing a tape of my voice for the first time and having that odd feeling of non-recognition/self consciousness.

Jeff said...

We are our own worst critics.

Congrats on the new publishments! Hope more editors and poetry will see the light of day soon!

- J.

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