Monday, January 14, 2013

lines in the cold

Two of my poems are up at The Bakery. Today’s is Fitting Room Mirror, and is about just that, and yesterday’s was Lines Written in the Cold, which is appropriate because it is ice-crashy cold here. I hope you will read them. 

I’ve been tagged by Kathleen Kirk to do the blog meme The Next Big Thing about a project I'm at work on, which I’ll put up later this week. You can read about Kathleen's project here. I’m supposed to tag five folks, but as an underachiever, I will have an even lower single digit.


Sourav said...

I loved your poem in the Bakery. I have rarely read such amazing stuff. Inspiration to a novice poet like me, who is just starting out. So effortless.

SarahJane said...


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