Sunday, January 06, 2013


It's supposedly Sherlock Holmes's birthday, who, like Jesus, was a Capricorn.
I don't know who arrived at this how. 
I don't know if there's a party to be had somewhere serving cocaine and opium. 
I take that back. Vice is hardly Holmes's defining characteristic. (NB: Capricorn's weakness is "too much work and not enough play.") 
My husband bought the complete Jeremy Brett series for Christmas, which is my absolute favorite. We've been watching an episode here and there since the holidays. Sometimes the overacting is quite funny, like the fisticuffs in "The Solitary Cyclist." The one we saw last night, "The Crooked Man," was a disappointment because Holmes does not figure out one thing. Rather all is explained to him. That was a rip-off, Holmes-wise.
I know the expression "Elementary" is Holmes's most famous linguistic legacy. I don't add "my dear Watson" because last night Watson said it to Holmes, rather sarcastically. But the best and most sarcastic expression born of Holmes is "No shit, Sherlock." Of course it is not uttered in any of the stories, yet even people who have never read (or seen) a Holmes story know and use it. I have even heard a German colleague interject it, in English, into a conversation in German, filling me with secret literary delight.


ron hardy said...

I like Jeremy Brett too. Did you ever see The Seven Percent Solution? I recall it was really good.

SarahJane said...

I haven't seen that. Who plays Sherlock?
I've seen the new movies with Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law, and enjoyed them. But I think Downey makes a crappy Sherlock, because the character is described as being fastidious about his hygiene, which is not the vibe I get from Downey at all.

kenc said...

Being a Capricorn, I always lament the dour "all work, no play" stereotype and feel the need to shout, "But, but....!" when I hear the typing. Of course, the (astrologically) faithful would say it's only because I'm a cuspy that I'm saved.

Oh. And my good wife is beholden to that TV series with an Asian woman playing the role of dear Watson. Something elemental in its appeal, obviously....

ron hardy said...

A '76 film starring Robert Duvall as Watson, Nicol Williamson as Holmes, and Alan Arkin as Freud. Watson arranges for Holmes to go to Vienna for the talking cure for his cocaine addiction.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Sarah. I will try to find it now.
Happy (oops)

Ritalee said...

Jeremy Brett is the all-time best Sherlock! I would love to borrow his voice and hurl it around. I also liked slim cool Richard Roxburgh, and his rough alert Watson. Our dream one day is to get the complete Inspector Morse.

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