Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Above all gods I put brown sugar

Many thanks to DMQ Review, which has nominated my poem Ghazal of the Sharp Knife for a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Web. This was a very nice birthday gift, and the third time DMQ nominated a poem of mine for the Pushcart. Last year it was Monarchs, and a few years before that The War is Still Ending. The editors sent a very kind note, which I appreciate.

I haven’t mentioned it but some weeks back Jessy Randall, who guest-edits Snakeskin every February, also nominated my poem Housewife for Best of the Web. Once a year she puts together a theme issue for Snakeskin, which this year was ‘work.’ I mention it also because she’s doing next Feb.’s issue, too, on the theme of ‘food.’ Deadline Dec. 15! She isn’t too keen on poems about food that are really about God. God and His Bounty. Unless it’s Bounty paper towels, maybe, used to wipe up food. But whatever, give it a shot. Info here.


Kathleen said...

Congrats! And I have recently successfully followed the directions on a box of brown sugar that soften it. (Does that mean I melted God's heart?)

SarahJane said...

oooh, that's a nice notion. what'd you do? put it in the oven?

Jessy Randall said...

Thanks, Sarah! Unfortunately the Jesus-food poems keep coming in. All I can guess is that the call for submissions got posted to some kind of Christian listserv. It should just make me laugh, but it's kinda bugging me.

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