Friday, December 03, 2010

what a mercy you are shod with velvet, jane (p. 198)

Late shift can make a morning. I went to the dentist and chopped a big bill in half. I, too, went to the bank and killed a dud fund. I went to one of the coziest cafés in the city, and, it being 9.40 am on a workday, got the most private table, where I read 25 pivotal, heartwrenchling pages of Jane Eyre while sobbing into my café au lait. I didn’t expect sad! Nor did the aproned waitress! The café is called La Maison du Pain and at home we jokingly call it ‘House of Pain,’ but it is not. I could have rotted in bed all morning but instead I did not. Once outside the café I began to get dark. I knew it was time for work.


Kass said...

How poetically moody you sound today.

Kathleen said...

I'm moody today, too. But I love the bread house!

rams said...

Stumbling around New York in ill-fitting shoes I came across a cafe across from Bryant Park, "Le Pain Quotidian" and enjoyed the same joke as I eased into my chair.

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