Tuesday, November 30, 2010

vinyl, like me

So here it is again. My birthday. I got some snow!

I got some other gifts, too, including a bilingual volume of Cesare Pavese poems. And a Black Pearl Amaryllis. And some earrings. And two generous Amazon gift certificates, making me the near-equivalent of millionaire.

Anyone have a good book recommendation? Something weird and exciting?

I’ve always liked having my birthday here in chilly November’s last ditch. But I admit that for years I was sorry to have to share my birthday with Mark Twain, who never appealed to me. And then of course Fernando Pessoa died on this day (in 1935), which can’t be fair.

But my birthday was redeemed last year when I found out it is also the birthday of Allan Sherman, famous (once) (in America) for his song parodies. Whenever I fly to my mother’s, the first thing I do is put on his 1962 record My Son, the Folksinger on the old turntable. Scratches and all.

I won't be doing anything special, having already gone out to dinner with the family on Sunday (and thus flying in the face of German superstition). I'm too tired anyway, after working until 10.30 last night, way past my bedtime. Maybe pizza instead of cooking...


Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday! (Yes, Cyborgia!) Oh, Allan Sherman is just my weird cup of tea.

ArtSparker said...

Dude! It's my birthday today too, a;though morning here. Have you read the Welsh mythology stories, The Mabinogion? That seems as if it might provoke some good Winter dreams.

Karime said...

sounds like a fabulous birthday to me. to many happy returns! cheers!!

SarahJane said...

Thanks for the good wishes & the book recommendations. Appreciated.

Susan! It's your birthday, too?! Wow, that's so cool. Happy birthday!

NE said...

Enjoy your day. You're in good company -- it is also Mark Twain and Jonathan Swift's birthday.

Must be a good day for writers.

ron hardy said...

And Dick Clark, and Abbie Hoffman, and David Mamet, and Gregory of Tours and don't forget Shuggie Otis.
Happiest of birthdays Sarah.

House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski
The Wooden Sea by Jonathan Carroll.
Arc d'x or Our Ecstatic Days by
Steve Erickson. Actually anything by Steve Erickson

Susan said...

As you are revisiting Jane Eyre these days, I'm wondering if you've ever read Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys? Recommended, if you like that sort of thing (And I do!)

Hope you had a wonderful birthday. With pizza.

SarahJane said...

Thanks folks. And also for the book recommendations. I need to schedule an hour to go browsing. NE, I saw you are reading The Long Ships, so of course I am thinking about putting that in my pile, too!

Jane Eyre update: Jane and Mr. Rochester have had their first real chat, and as we speak are engaged in their second real chat, in which he tells her about the French opera dancer. He is extremely forthcoming for an employer, no? Plenty of sturm und drang there to excite young Jane...

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