Monday, February 22, 2010


Winter was salt.
Salt in the road.
Salt in the snow.
Salt in the throat.
Salt like no tomorrow.


NE said...

Winter isn't down for the count YET, is he? There are always March surprises and even, occasionally, a "cruelest month" surprise in April.

New England has had less snow than normal this year. All of it has been hogged by the Middle Atlantic states. To D.C. with Love, I guess -- a Bond movie, maybe.

As a final tip of the hat to your title, there are few Shakers left in New England, too. It's always been a moving part of our history, but these good friends are a disappearing piece of Americana. They outshook the Quakers, even, and interestingly enough, didn't believe in sex (winning members via converts and orphan adoptions only).

Winter is almost over, and the Shakers are, too. :-(

Kass said...

I like how you emphasize the salt instead of the snow. It really brings out the relentless bitterness at the end of the season.

Jasmine said...

Sarah, Have you read Vikram Seth, more particularly, have you read his "The Golden Gate"?

SarahJane said...

I haven't read Vikram Seth. I admit to being trepidatious about verse novels....!

BJeronimo said...

unlike the shakers i believe in sex. like the sasquash, i've evenn seen it a few times.

rallentanda said...

My eyelashes are encrusted with salt.I've just arrived home from the beach.Summer here..our winters
are so mild in Sydney that I haven't worn an overcoat in years.
Something to do with global warming!

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