Sunday, February 21, 2010

room enough, and time

What I like about February is how short it is. In Germany most people receive a monthly rather than a weekly or bi-weekly paycheck, so from the employee point-of-view, February is a bargain. Soon after, though, March seems like a lugubrious slog.

I woke up to new snow but even as I took the dog out for her morning tramp the pocks of treedrip were marking the snow.

I think it’s over now. Snowtime, I mean.

Let all the rain come! I got a thirsty new purse.


Ron. said...

Yeah, baby, yeah!

Kass said...

Dog...treedrip...marking...great images,
as is that great moisture-seeking
device of creativity.

rallentanda said...

There is something very reassuring about your new purse.It reminds me of the school tuck shop.

BJeronimo said...

i love the image of the purse; it looks like it couldn't hold a drop. But with the conviction of your words, I'll believe.

Bring it.

SarahJane said...

vinyl lining maybe?

BJeronimo said...

i think your purse has its own climate system.

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