Monday, November 30, 2009

let us eat cake

So it’s my birthday so the first thing I did when I woke up was bang my head against the door. I look much younger now, like I’m still up for a brawl in the wee hours. Goes well with the twitch in my right eye.

Then I took the dog out in the still-dark and the crazy tincan man was out rifling through trash bins for cans and bottles to return for deposit. His theme this morning was “Arbeit macht frei!” Not only does work set one free, it especially sets the jews free, according to him. It was turning into a great day.

Still, my husband and kids left a present for me on the kitchen table.

And I recently discovered I share a birthday with Allan Sherman, a man I appreciate.

And at work I was presented with a bouquet that included berries and white roses.

People asked why I hadn’t taken the day off and the truth is I don’t have enough free days left to spend on my birthday. So my boss told me to leave early.

Which I did.


Richard Fox said...

Many happy returns of the day.

Dominic Rivron said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Sarah Jane
Happy birthday to you!

Dana said...

Happy birthday! I am singing it to you in American Sign Language.

Kass said...

Thank you for the wonderful Allan Sherman Lego video. Such a nice present. Wish I had one for you on your Birthday. Wishing you much happiness and continued creativity.

Ron. said...

Simon, Theodore & I wish you all the best on your natal anniversary.


ron hardy said...

Hello mudda hello fadda... The day is gone but I can tell it was a sweet day for you. I'm glad. smile.

Jasmine said...

Tad bit late, Hope you had a great day; and I wish you a great year ahead...
I peep into your blog regularly and always turn around with a smile!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday.

You are certainly a George Baily.

SarahJane said...

Thanks, all. Appreciate the good wishes. My forehead is better.

rallentanda said...

Berries and white roses.That's what's missing in my work situation.I'm leaving.
Happy Birthday!

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