Thursday, November 26, 2009

going down the stoney end

I've lived for ages in Germany and always miss Thanksgiving. I managed to be in the states for the holiday about two years ago and although it wasn't the huge shindig I was used to as a kid (due to divorce!), it was still lovely and replete with yummy American food. So just to drum up sympathy, here's a sad list of everything I ate today, not necessarily in order and omitting water.

1. 3 cups of coffee with lots of milk
2. 1 stick of Orbit spearmint gum
3. 2 sticks of Orbit peppermint
4. 1 roll with brie, lettuce and tomato
5. 1 cup cocoa
6. 1 Twix bar (actually two, because they come like that)
7. Cucumber slice
8. 1 Chamomille tea
9. Garlic clove (fried in butter, too complicated to explain why)
10. Stilton cheese (dog ate the crumbly parts from the floor)
11. Italian red wine

Not too festive, eh? Oh well. Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat.


ron hardy said...

How much wine Sarah? I am going to make a hot gluwein out of this. I will call it Sarah Jane's Pity Wassel. And we will toast you after I remove the gum. Love that spearmint/peppermint kick. Maybe some
Don't feel bad. Here's mine so far:
1. cup of ceylon black tea
2. large blueberry bagel w honey.
3. multi-vitamin with skim milk(ugh)
5. peanut butter & honey sandwich.
6. 26 drops of ginkgo.

happy thanksgiving thoughts Sarah.

Anonymous said...

I am at a party whose food was provided by the contributions of great cooks augmented by some good catering. Oyster dressing, countless meats and fish (of not much interest), stuffing, asparagus, half dozen pies, homemade ice cream, wine, champagne, cognac.

Thanksgiving food is something good to miss. I'm taking home leftovers.

cynthia newberry martin said...

As full as I feel right now, I am envious. Have a lovely rest of your Thanksgiving.

Rachel Mallino said...

I'm envious, too. Brie with anything makes me one happy girl. And RON! Peanut butter and honey sandwich - that's a favorite of mine. I didn't think many people ate it.

I had the typical, which I think is pretty gross, to be honest. Although, I will congratulate myself on the yummy orange-spiced yams I made this year.

Jeff said...

Little red wine, some cheese, and a four legged to watch over you. Never underestimate the extraordinary power of ordinary things!

You have a pumpkin cheesecake in your future when you're next stateside. May have to share that Twix bar though...

- Jeff

SarahJane said...

I have to say I always liked "the trimmings" more than the turkey itself. I love rutabagas, for example, and I don't even know if they exist in Germany. And of course stuffing and sweet potatoes and pie.
I can't complain too much. I didn't have to go on a diet the next day.
Jeff, wish I could take you up on that!

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