Sunday, November 22, 2009

the moorman polaroid

It's that day again. I always remember it because I was born eight days later into a very sad country. The footage of the motorcade has been burned into America's collective unconscious, but here's a polaroid I'd never seen before. You can see it and a number of other related shots here.

Anybody know any poems about Kennedy? I've got one for Jackie; it was published in Snakeskin a few years ago as part of Jessy Randall's alphabet issue.

Jackie O.

O New York orchid
Oysterbed of aristocracy
O gorgeous orphanage

Tack a letter

(like an operatic holler,
like the dark of owl sunglasses)

to identity

O madonna of obituaries
Orgy of national sadness
O strike up the orchestra
Our lady of high offices


Ron. said...

Lincoln's Glad

Lincoln’s glad he’s gone;
glad he’s in the tomb
with a mole on his face
and his shirtsleeves rotten
Look away, look away

And Kennedy half-smiles
overlooking Arlington

Nice spot you’re in now, John—
shady lots
lots of shade everywhere
no bullets

Kass said...

Both poems very stark and somber. Loved the use of 'O'

Anonymous said...

Caroline Kennedy has a book of collective poems. She, along with her family, are actively involved:

And, not a poem but a song, Abraham, Martin & John.

Mark said...

Lovely poem about Jackie O., have never come across it before.

SarahJane said...

I know that song "Abraham, Martin and John!" The sensitive sixties.

SarahJane said...

Like your poem Ron., especially the rotten shirtsleeves.

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