Sunday, October 18, 2009

funk is not enough

I'm traipsing around massachusetts and new york state but wanted to drop in to say I have three pieces up at Apparatus Magazine - First Thing, Tinder Box and a techno poem.


ron hardy said...

These are so good Sarah. I especially like First Thing. I want to touch it. Tactile.
I like the growl and limn lines. And I am partial to Tinder Box. My nub was raw umber.

Richard Fox said...

Nice to rub elbows with you in "Apparatus"; your work, as always, is quite fine.

Kasscho said...

It is MORE than quite fine. It pierces. It shatters. I love your poetry. The memory that colors provoke - and the way techno music creeps into body crevices - love it - almost wish I could set it to music or at least read it aloud with bongo drums in the background at some retro 'beat' cafe - wish there were such a thing (slam poetry jams just don't do it). Does Germany appreciate you? Do you write auf deutsch?

Toni Clark said...

Sarah, these are incredibly good -- all three. Wow, wow, wow! There, I said it. Love the techno piece, but really, all of them. But maybe that one best. I'll go read again. And nice to discover Apparatus. Will check it out further. Nice that it's monthly. tc

SarahJane said...

Thanks, all. I'm afraid I haven't been able to read the whole issue yet, but I look forward to reading your poems, Richard.

Robert Mc said...

I liked the others, but "Tinder Box" struck me, as so much of your work does, as brilliant, alive, and so wonderfully crafted.


Robert McDonald

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