Sunday, March 16, 2008

getting even

It can happen that I mix the evenings up. What I mean is sometimes one comes disguised as the other, as in having an evening out. Is it a noun describing a time of day, or night, or pre-night, dinnertime, twilight or late late afternoon, or any one of the cocktail hours? Or is it a progressive verb perhaps encompassing all that timely baggage as well as a general leveling - the bottle of Syrah aerating on the counter, the oven in a phase of pre-heating, the childhood hypnosis of Nickelodeon, the up-elevator clanging past the down, the moon bulging out of the chimney across the street? Maybe it’s just an evening out of everything, a bulldozery, a reckoning best represented by darkening.


Laura said...

This is lovely, Sarah. You know, I've heard of people having "evenings out," but I always assumed that was just folklore (like "sleeping in" and "taking time off"). (Smile).

SarahJane said...


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