Tuesday, March 18, 2008

also clouds assume oddball shapes

Halfway through 30:30 at Inside the Writer's Studio. It's markedly less stressful than previous rounds. Writing along are Liz G, Nicole CD, Brenda N, Arlene A, Annie B and Sharon H.

Here's my playlist so far:
1. Wild Card (The sky looks convincing this morning)
2. Reading While Walking (The book opens and the street shuts up.)
3. Passing Through the Train Station (In the morning all I want is …)
4. Why Pregnant Women Don’t Tip Over (Because a single thought …)
5. The Previous Owner (I warp the cloth of the dormer blinds)
6. Midget Pony (I lift my chin like the ladies / traipsing the covers of Bazaar)
7. Beacon (At midnight, all that lolls / falls asleep)
8. Hard Candy (Who put this horseshit in my tire tread)
9. I Have the Feeling You Enjoy Stress (Just fill my pillow with tinder)
10. Amber Alert (The mother swears something is missing /from Sundays)
11. Man Found Guilty of Gruesome Doodling (His suit was saddle-stitched)
12. Men in Suits (Hatch still sealed, the airplane / vestibule crowds)
13. Potato (The potato holds a hospice./ Nurses serve in dense attendance)
14. Flesh Made Word (Bounding over land demands flounce)
15. Cowboy at the Sushi Circle (I want a square meal)

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david santos said...

Thanks for your posting and have a good day.

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