Wednesday, March 12, 2008

tell me something good

There was some downtime at work so I was reading the paper and saw a vaguely familiar face. Turned out to be Matthew Sweeney, who's reading tonight in Frankfurt. So that's where I'm off to. I just have to change from my blue cords and blue turtleneck into black cords and black turtleneck, brush my teeth, and that's it.


Liz said...

Sarah, how did the reading go? I really like his work (and have a soft spot for him since he's from my home county : ))

SarahJane said...

Well, my black cords were "not available." Nevertheless, I located other pants and the reading was very good. Nice place, too. Sweeney read along with his German translator, the poet Jan Wagner, who also read some of his poems. I really enjoyed the bilingual reading. "Pink Milk" and "Animals" were especially memorable, though I liked many of the other poems, too. Sweeney also read his translation of one of Wagner's poems, which was terrific. I talked to him in the break, when we were all presented with gigantic tumblers of complimentary red wine. The management asked everyone to please finish their refreshments before going back into the reading, but this proved quite impossible.

Lisa Allender said...

Hi there...I'm enjoying your blog!
Lisa Allender

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