Friday, February 15, 2008

I lift my chin like a midget pony

I got my copy of Barn Owl Review today and I want to say it is way wonderful. I always trip over myself in enthusiasm in this way, before I've had time to read everything or wallow, but I wanted to say anyway how much I loved the poems by Debbie Yee, Brent Goodman, John Guzlowski and Amanda Auchter. I'll stop there though I could go on. I also loved Alex Lemon's poem "Yet I Ride the Little Horse," which you can read at the website. I suggest you do.

I got a postcard from The Iowa Review today asking me to renew my subscription. The front says "The Iowa Review STILL NEEDS YOU." The back says "Please don't leave us." My daughter was very concerned about this.

-Did you get the postcard from Illonar Review?
-They don't want you to leave. Are you going to leave?
-They want me to renew my subscription, honey, not not to leave.
-Ok, but they need you, so, what? Are you going to stay?


John Guzlowski said...

Hi, Sarahjane,

I got a google alert telling me that you mentioned my name!

Thank you for that. And thank you also for the kind words about my poem.

If you want to see another poem of mine, Garrison Keillor read my poem "What My Father Believed" on his program Writers Almanac. There's a link to it at my blog.

Thanks for reading my poem.


Valerie Loveland said...

Whenever I get a renewal notice from a literary magazine, I feel the same way your daughter feels.

SarahJane said...

John -
Thanks for visiting. Loved the poetry I found through your blogs.

Valerie -
I know what you mean. I like to change subscriptions every year, though.

Liz said...

Hi Sarah,

Congrats on all your publication successes - very well-deserved.

I'm reading the magical thinking book just now - am getting really into it.

Sarah, like your post on motherhood and the funfair rides : )


SarahJane said...

Thanks Liz. I really hope you like that book.

Debbie said...

Imagine all the emotion-based marketing results that could be achieved if The Iowa Review addressed renewal notices not to their subscribers, but to the earnestly concerned children of subscribers.

SarahJane said...

It's actually an excellent marketing idea. Sure to work in a number of cases.

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