Monday, February 18, 2008

Somebody's Tried To Break My Spirit in This Room

Somebody's tried to break my spirit in this room.
They're not going to break my spirit.
I'm going to continue to go out
And do the things that I love to do,
And try and be honest and genuine
To every person I can be.
It's the way I was brought up.
It's what I know.

—Feb. 5, 2008, deposition

I missed this the other day. Slate rearranged some of Roger Clemens' statements into poetry. The 'break my spirit' one is my favorite. I have to say, though, that Clemens' poetry can't compete with Donald Rumsfeld's, whose "Glass Box" is one for the ages.


megalopoet said...

bah! these are great! no, they're terrible, but you know what i mean... yes, these are priceless.
better than the pooh and piglet books, no?

SarahJane said...

If anything, they've got original voice. smile

Peter said...

Well, I like some of the D.H. Rumsfeld ones. They're kind of similar to D.H. Lawrence poetry: passionate, conversational, repetitious, spontaneous, kind of the odd expression . . .

I shall henceforth lump them together as the D.H. Poets.

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