Thursday, February 14, 2008

hey sweetheart

I wouldn't mention the orgy of advertising called Valentine's Day, but with this list of cornball songs making me laugh, it seems hard to avoid. The comments are funny, too, but I warn you not to listen to the music.


Laura said...

Hilarious! I'm pretty sure I danced to 90% of those songs way back in my high school dance days. My personal favorite: "I Honestly Love You." Honestly! No wait, I lied.

michi said...

i think they still left out some really cheesy ones, like "i just called to say i love you" and "my heart will go on". i cannot stand "hello" and "suddenly". ugh. *g*


SarahJane said...

A bunch of people mentioned their overlooking Muskrat Love. And of course there's whoa-whoa-whoa feelings. It's a regular cringe festival.

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