Friday, June 08, 2007

#10 finito

"All poetry is experimental poetry."
Wallace Stevens


Liz said...

Yes, I sure agree : )

Rachel Mallino said...

YES!! I love this one, Sarah.

sara kearns said...

'Very good one. He said a lot of great things -- oh wow, how self-evident is that?! Great idea, by the way 10 favorite qoutes "about" poetry -- I think I'll borrow it, with footnotes of credit of course ;) and probably tag a few people too. 'Great quotes you compiled.

SarahJane said...

liz & rach, i love this one, too -startling, yet self-evident.
great to see you Sara. Rachel tagged me on this, and it was fun. i don't always tag back because i know some people don't go willingly (like chain mail), but glad you're up for it.

Peter said...


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