Tuesday, June 12, 2007

word polyamory

I was reading about undoubtedly/undoubtably at Rob's blog, and it made me wonder what kind of words are making it into dictionaries these days. I found a number of them from a couple dictionaries. Some entries were predictable, like agritourism, google (v), dot-com, and biodiesel; others were humorous, like lamestream and tanorexic; and some you might not want to think about, like camel toe and cankle. (Those must be a joke. Article here.)

I enjoyed a bunch of other new entries, too, like qigong, fashionista, bling, and supersize. Some I'd never heard before, for example, himbo, unibrow and soul patch.

The online "fringe" dictionary Double Tongued has a thread of vogue words that seems to grow every day. Yesterday's was le sigh.

And here are the words that were new in 1806.


michi said...

so nobody was demoralized or slatternly prior to that year? *g*

i keep repeating myself, but language is such a fascinating thing.

thanks for this post.


ps i doubt your word verification word will ever make it into the dictionary ... wpafkts!

Rachel Mallino said...

Sarah, you had never heard of unibrow?? I know several people who suffer from unibrow- poor them.

Cankles, I love that word and have chuckled many a times, "oh my god, her leg never ends before her foot begins!!!"

I'm mean.

SarahJane said...

Michi -
They began becoming slatternly and demoralized exactly three years prior to that, resulting to those things landing a spot in the dictionary.

Nope, I'd never heard of unibrow before! Although it makes perfect sense. The people with cankles, in the meantime, are all cursing you, roundly.


Valerie Loveland said...

The 1806 list is really interesting.

Ms Peach said...

Le sigh, I'm wishing I were headed to a leisure farm this weekend...

Enjoyed this post very much, thanks!


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