Friday, June 08, 2007

friday confession

sometimes i am having a tiny crisis at my desk.
sometimes i am doodling at my desk.
mostly i am working at my desk.
i steer the whole hulking rig.
i haul. i summon and heave.
sometimes i am reading newspapers at my desk
(which is part of my job).
sometimes suddenly i laugh at my desk.
i try to hide it
by pretending
i am gasping for air.


LKD said...

I read poetry at my desk.

I eavesdrop on conversations I don't necessarily mean to eavesdrop on at my desk. (in an open cubicle environment, such eavesdropping cannot be helped or prevented; alas--I know more about my coworkers than I ever wanted to know)

I read blogs at my desk.

I eat lunch (peanutbutter on wheat with sliced apples) and dinner (hot pocket--philly steak and cheese variety) at my desk.

I live at my desk.

Sometimes I work at my desk.

And often, I die at my desk.

Do you like your job?

If so, excuse me for being envious.

SarahJane said...

i do like my job. but i might like not having to work more. if i could keep my salary of course. smile.
i work in a newsroom, which means it's wide open and there are no cubicles. so that keeps most of us from picking our noses and having intimate phone conversations under the impression that no one can hear. i had to make an appointment for a mammography the other day and that was a lot of fun with everyone standing around listening to what and why i wanted one.
i do read poetry and blogs, too, when i have time. I love Slate. Even though the office is wide open, everyone's reading something online when they have time. The guy behind me orders wine and reads wine reviews. And tells me all about them. His neighbor is a horse person and is often looking at horse & riding websites. Another guy reads Ananova's "quirkies," which are a collection of odd news items. He is often breaking into laughter.
I see a lot of people writing private emails, which I sometimes do, too, if I can concentrate.

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