Sunday, February 25, 2007

i love the great indoors

I think I got too much fresh air today. We went to the Nidda river which has a big park area mostly for dogs. It was wet and windy, kind of nice but also a bit insane. I slipped on my ass and it still hurts. I sang a Yoko Ono song for Luisa and we agreed it was bad. But worse is this fresh-air headache. When we got home I took a shower with my pants under me in the tub since the back was mud-crusted from hem to waistband and Carlo starts calling what’s wrong with the dog what’s wrong with the dog and the dog is going crazy gnawing at her paws spinning in circles scratching at rugs rags couches and blankets. So with my hair soaking wet I take her out to see if maybe she has to shit or croak or whatever but no she just wants to lose her mind and I don't think it's my Yoko Ono imitation.


Nic Sebastian said...

Hm. Sounds like you need to stop with that Yoko Ono thing. Why would anyone start with it, anyway?

Prepared to be educated, Nic

SarahJane said...

there are moments, brief moments, when i actually like yoko. "every man has a woman who loves him" is a lovely song, although it could be sung better by pretty much anyone else in the universe including my brother thatcher.

but I don't think it was the cold cold cold song that drove my dog crazy. i think it was the water in the river she jumped into 3-4x despite the temperature.

she is having a calm evening, and earned herself a bone.

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