Saturday, February 24, 2007

sitting in the kitchen

this morning shortly after 9.30, I finished The Gulag Archipelago!

And it is a horrific story, full of despair and disgust. Still, there are moments of nobility and brotherhood that assure you the human race is sometimes capable of heroism, and doesn't always collapse with fear, denial of the conscience, power mongering and greed.

in case you forgot.


Carl Bryant said...

The herd mentality becomes more noble as you decrease the size of the sample group.

I think we are all basically noble and heroic. The closer one comes to the level of the personal archipelago, the more apparent this becomes.

It's pure warmth to be reminded of this.

SarahJane said...

1. hwat_?

2. as in saving one's own arse?

3. as i was seated near the toaster, whereupon i drie my tears?


Carl Bryant said...


1. Small groups focus on similarities. Large groups on differences :P

2. As in saving our collective asses from the totalitarian "man."

3. Toast!

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