Monday, August 21, 2006

I can't stop washing my hair

The suspect in the child murder case, K., slept exactly 7 hours and 14 minutes Sunday night in an LA jail, where the low overnight was 63 degrees. Northwest winds were calm. K.’s cell is 6 x 9 feet, with a standard metal bed and a porcelain toilet flushable from inside the cell. Further investigation is needed to ascertain the presence of a sink. For this reason we do not know if K. brushed his teeth in his cell or what brand of toothpaste he chooses. K. appeared rested upon waking. The quality of his sleep was judged “adequate” by guards who wished to remain anonymous. Psychologists report that K. sleeps in fetal position, which they consider intriguing but not incriminating. Sitting on the edge of his 5.5-inch-thick mattress, K. was observed to yawn twice in English. Going to the lidless toilet, he commenced to take a shit expected to last for months. His breakfast arrived in the meantime, consisting of blah blah fat blah crap blah spam blah mash and blah. More later.


sara kearns said...

Laurel, you're it!

Which is to say, Laurel Dodge tagged me with a book meme that's been going around, and now I'm tagging you. I'd be really interested in your answers. Let me know if you need the questions--or copy and paste them from my blog. (Then tag 3-5 people.)

SarahJane said...

i will be glad to play!

Arlene said...

hahahaha!! this is a riot, sarah! you ought to send to diagram -- they'd love your stuff, i think.


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