Thursday, July 06, 2006

this is just to say

Thought I'd mention that Sara Kearns' new ezine, Siren, is out,
or up (?), or has been published,
or will materialize on your monitor
if you click the link.

Congratulations, Sara. I am really impressed! Good stuff, and a very nice look.


Micky said...

Thanks for the link, Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Sarah. It is a good looking zene and I was happy to discover David Hernandez' poetry.

I am also impressed with your varied and therefore interesting blog. You are a very creative young lady.


michi said...

great issue.
i'd peeped in before, but this reminded me to bookmark it. thanks.

sara kearns said...

Sarah you're awesome! Thank you so much for the mention and the link. You really are sweet. It's an honor to share your name. *grin*

And thank yous all around to Michi, Micky, Johanna, and anyone else for checking it out. Our second issue will be out Oct. 1 and sometime this summer we'll be having a release / launch party/readings. I'll try to let every one know, or just check "Events" at "Siren." 'Too bad we can't transport it, in the middle sometime, to Europe. Thank you x 100.

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