Wednesday, July 05, 2006

& the living is easy


The tomato was hurled to earth
by the planet that concocted vaudeville.
Globular orb, buxom and dimpled
as a toothsome thigh. O musk bundle,
musk bundle, sanguine on the vine!
Tonight you’ll be paired with sweet basil,
prince of summer. Gingerly, I will pluck you
and not further disturb the crimson galaxy.


michi said...

my tomatoes are still green - but some day ... some day ... :)

my basil, however, is lovely!

and no, i don't grow mozzarella ... ;)


KL said...

Lovely tomatoes, lovely poetry.

I'm thinking Salsa!


lorguru said...

Great poem. Nice photo. Good fruit.

Carl Bryant said...

I love this plucking poem!

SarahJane said...

thanks for reading, guys. as a girl, i hated tomatoes. i couldn't even look at them without a dirty word coming to mind. my sister loved them, but she was gross anyway (just kidding lisa!). She was just braver than me in general.

Now my daughter loves tomatoes and my son hates them. He also hates olives and cheese. we have to put them at the other end of the table or he practically faints.

michi said...

i cannot eat a tomato. bite into it. it's horrible.
but i love cherry tomatoes.
i don't mind the big kind of tomato in my salad, sandwich, whatever.
i love tomato soup.
i like tomato ketchup.
i use tomatoes for homemade sauces and such.
i HATE HATE HATE tomato juice. yuck.

go figure.

and i don't like olives, just like your son. i try every once in a while, but no, we won't become friends. ever.


SarahJane said...

ha ha! michi, you're such a sensitive girl. you also don't like dogs! those really friendly furry creatures! but i know where you're coming from. I'm the same with oysters, much to the relief of my pocketbook. isn't it funny how our irrational sensitivities kick in? please leave all the olives for me. green or black, i will eat them.

michi said...

yep that's right. i can't stand dogs. but worse than dogs are most dog-owners here in vienna, or austria in general.

i think that in my childhood my great-aunt resi's dogs (each about the size of a small calf, and quite eager to jump at us kids, given an opportunity) put me off those creatures forever. plus their dribbling, sniffing, peeing, crapping, licking, barking, biting, smell, etc.

the only ones that are okay are huskies - they are beautiful, but of course they don't belong in cities.

vienna is full of dog crap everywhere - they have finally started this campaign for people to clean up after their dogs, which many people have been waiting for, and which many other people consider "eine frechheit", as you can imagine.

i don't have small kids, but my friends who do, keep complaining about dog shit in parks and playgrounds, even in sandboxes. yuck.

ahhh, see! your fault! don't get me started on dogs!!

let's talk about tomatoes again.

even olives, if you want.

and yes, i can understand about mussels. disgusting stuff.

there are a few things i simply cannot eat: tuna, spinach, mussels, pudding. (even olives are okay in bread or salads or pasta sauce if cut up.) and reisfleisch. not since that day in klagenfurt in 4th form when i threw up the previous evening's reisfleisch dinner all across town, on the boat, and on the train. not that you asked. *G*


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