Monday, July 03, 2006


Waking was not easy.
Care of teeth and face.
Then dog walking, and drat the ironing.
There were supplies to ready, no writing time, no reading.
The tram was mercifully empty.
I remembered a bill I had to pay.
It turned 8.30, then 10.30.
There was the new employee from Norway.
There was lunch and Gerald Stern to read (both blessings).
The 3 o’clock of the soul, according to Sartre, then the tram to the city.
A handicapped girl on the tram with braids and a beautiful face.
There was the food shop in the department store basement.
There was the exit past the fine fragrance department.
The sun was strong.
I paid the bill.
Came home to an overjoyed dog. Her long walk.
Stilton and crackers. Dinner.
A few choice words to think over.
My kids falling asleep in my bed.


L.P. Jones said...

Hi Sarah,

Your musing is poetry itself! You have a rich universe--rare and wonderful to read. I was especially impressed with your ghazal--not an easy accomplishment. I've been looking for good references on this form which disassemble the complicated structure. If you know of any good ones, I'd be happy to get a rec.


KL said...

There should be awards don't ya think? I swear, I'd dedicate a wall.
Bless you-- Ya know, we could form a gang.


SarahJane said...

hi l.p.-
the only book i have on ghazals is "Ravishing Disunities," edited by Agha Shahid Ali. His introduction presents the elements of traditional ghazals pretty well. Although the subtitle of the book is "Real Ghazals in English," many of the poems inside aren't "true" ghazals. I admit that doesn't bother me much. Just like there are sonnets that don't rhyme and haiku that don't go 5-7-5. cheers

Plus Ultra said...

Ah Mondays and the routine that drags on and on, I can sense the pace and the lack of space in your to go to your ghazal, never thought I will hit anyone who writes ghazal, can I link with you?

SarahJane said...

dear plus ultra,
of course you can. thanks for visiting. hope you liked the ghazal. smile

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