Tuesday, July 07, 2009

the sky today

When I was four or five I was standing in our gravel driveway on Marlboro Ave. The sun was shining like a good example and at the same time it began to rain, but only on half of the driveway. My mother said this was a called a sunshower. And I said, ok, now I’ve seen it all.


Dana said...

How can you make four sentences so incredible?

Ron. said...

We had a rash of them here last week; I drove through several on the way home.

Here in hill country I've often witnessed my rain-soaked back deck from my sunny front porch.

Go figure.

Richard Fox said...

I have a similar, early memory of the same event. It was the beginning of an era of disbelief.

Peter said...

My mom told me, during the same phenomenon, that the devil was beating his wife.

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