Wednesday, July 08, 2009

instruments of torture

Daniel Pennac’s 10 Inalienable Rights of the Reader:
You have
1. the right to not read,
2. the right to skip pages,
3. the right to not finish,
4. the right to reread,
5. the right to read anything,
6. the right to mistake a book for real life,
7. the right to read anywhere,
8. the right to dip in and browse,
9. the right to read out-loud, and
10. the right to be silent and not defend your tastes.


Anonymous said...

I thought the first six were spot on. I don't know about the rest, I stopped reading after that.

Peter said...

Can I help ratify them?

Bebe said...

Hi Sarah,

I too want to help ratify them, especially the right to not have to defend what you read (so says the woman who has a secret passion for the bodice-ripper). Where do I sign? The verifier equalim--I love where that takes me, I am keeping a list of verifiers to use in a poem, facebook has the best.

:) brenda

Ron. said...

I usually just plead the Fifth.

SarahJane said...

you also have the right to force yourself to read something you hate just and then loudly complain about it.

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