Sunday, June 01, 2014

Week went by

Ate: Squid, lamb, celery, carrots, croissant, licorice, bread, cheese, apricot jam
Drank: Tonic water with lime

Laughed at: Jar of peanut butter that warned “this product contains nuts”
Realized: Books are the best bug-killers

Disliked: Carrying my 50 lb. dog up the street to the vet. She refused to budge, realizing our destination.
Liked: Mom arrived for a visit

Watched: Maleficent, which my husband hated
Saw: The Würzburg fortress

Reading: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall 
Listened to: Hair soundtrack

Received: A compliment on my headphones (“Coole Kopfhörer!)
Threw out: Hoarded postcards

Learned: Coeval
Bought: Chocolate cake mix

Fail: Over-explained
Victory: Established proper antecedent, pre-publication!


Anonymous said...

Stella must be small like Zoe was if she
weighs only 50 lbs. Hope she's ok.


Ron. said...

I met a boy named Frank Mills

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