Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Week

Watched: American Hustle, & pleasantly surprised
Saw: An old man with head wounds being cared for by five people (ambulance soon arrived)

Received: New passport, in which I will look like I just woke up pissed off and unwashed for the next 10 years
Gave: Pen to a pen-less colleague. Really, gave. Did not lend. A big deal, pen-wise. 

Liked: The sunshine
Disliked: The sunshine

Read: All Quiet on the Western Front
Listened to: Soprano singing Donald Rumsfeld found poetry

Started: Planning a visit to friends in Switzerland
Stopped: Following a negative train of thought, at least temporarily 

Ate: Warm goat cheese with thyme and honey
Drank: Rioja

Bought: New towels

Remembered: Abscam
Resolved: to tidy my desk (done!) 


Kathleen said...

Coincidence! We watched American Hustle this week, too, and also Blue Jasmine. Was it your husband who found Jasmine a completely unlikable character? Ditto, mine!

Sadly, I understand her all too well. And I talk to myself. Out loud.

SarahJane said...

Yes, my husband roundly criticized her. I understood her, but also found her hard to like. But gorgeous.

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