Friday, March 28, 2014

Pigeons, sleep & pizza

I have nine poems in Houseboat today -

Mind the Gap
Snooze Button

Self-Portrait with Lava Lamp
Ingrid Wears Bangs

From the Back of My Mind
Subway Rider

Saw You, Want You

Saw you - corner of 8th 
and Crescent, asking 
a lady in fur for directions. 
My mouth went limp when 
you called her “ma’am”.
You smiled, and I felt
I might not have to walk 
through life carrying this boulder 
between my hands. I want 
to lie down in your drawl, fall
asleep in the crook of your eyebrow.
I kick myself for wearing 
that hippie poncho, for not 
having the car to drive you 
where you meant to go.
I never did anything
like this before.
I was the 5’5 brunette
carrying a takeout pizza.
The walk signal went green.
I sneezed, and
you blessed me.


Anonymous said...

Very neat site, Sarah. Enjoyed re-reading some
and discovering the new.


toniclark said...

Congrats! What a great set of poems. And I enjoyed the interview. Jane Eyre, eh?

Tiffany said...

Love this.
" I want to lie down in your drawl..."

The softness, the comedic side, because desire, love is no always swoony, nor perfectly timed.

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