Thursday, May 23, 2013


I figure if I have been turned down by a journal two or three or more times, I am going to have a slender chance of winning its poetry contest. I appreciate journals get revenue from charging a fee for their contests, and that’s fine. One could also subscribe. But to enter a contest in which you have little chance of winning and lots of chance of tying up some of your best poems for months seems a waste of time and money.

Elsewhere in $poetry$ land, I have given in and subscribed to Duotrope. I stopped when they began charging, but find that it’s motivating to see which journals are answering submissions, who’s got a call out on a theme, where “people who submitted to this journal also submitted to.” Until two days ago I hadn’t submitted anything for going on 90 days. 

This was a very boring post. To spark up the experience, listen to my brother read about bikes in this short animation.


Kathleen said...

Oh, I enjoyed your brother and the animation, and thinking about all the ramifications of everything--wheels, wheelchairs, bikes, poems, people's voices.

And, oddly, "whizzing," which is one of the words I had to type to prove I am not a robot. True, robots probably don't whiz. Except maybe on Futurama.

Anonymous said...

Loved all of it, Sarah, the message the clip,
the backstory and the bio. How on earth does
he keep the letters sealed? I would be dying to read
what I said on June 3, 2003.

You could never be boring.


Anonymous said...

I liked your post on "fees." It made a companionable reach all the way across the ocean.

There are sooo many magazines these days. Mostly, a good thing.

I got to your Blog via the Barnstorm Journal site.


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