Saturday, April 27, 2013

Recent Misreadings

"Mexican Vulgarities Take Over Town" (vigilantes)

"Global Dictionaries Gather for Thatcher Funeral" (dignitaries

I also read “School using bulletproof whiteboards” as “School using waterproof bullets.” 
It took a second even to identify the direct objects. 

"Stellar cast rescues ministries" (miniseries

Reading a book about Flaubert that was peppered with French, I read this sentence:

“Honours dishonour, titles degrade, employment stupifies” 

and thought, wow, it’s great that I understood that whole French sentence, only to do a double-take and realize I’d understood it because it was in English.

"Clinical studies show bleeding rats slow after treatment" (rates

"Our prompt for today: let’s try writing toilets" (triolets)  

And a glance at the World Wildlife Fund logo yielded


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Kathleen said...

My eye-brain connection is like this now, too.

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