Monday, May 28, 2012


I've written a series of poems about typefaces, all of which are imaginary (the typefaces, not the poems).  It occurred to me to write these after I'd read a number of books that had "Notes on the Type" at the end,  notes which in some cases seemed longer than the author's own biography.

Tangent: Though I guess if it's in his/her own book, it's actually an autobiography, written in the third person. Something to think about next time you're asked for a 50-word (auto)bio.

Anyway, two of my typeface poems were published today at Used Furniture Review. They concern 'Sognidhia' and 'Dardont Modern.' I hope you'll try them.


Kathleen said...

Enjoyed these poems, love the whole idea!

Jeff said...

Had just joined the email list of Used Furniture Review and saw your poems before you announced here - enjoy your work in any venue!

Besides - I like this "type" of poetry... :)

- J.

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