Sunday, May 20, 2012

circumlocution office

For the past two weeks or so all I've been able to think about is that I haven't yet read Little Dorrit. I tried to ignore it, but the inner reprimand/promise became insistent. It's got an orphan in it, I understand, and I love stories with orphans.

So I went to the downtown bookshop that has a good English selection and what did I see? A display of Charles Dickens books with bold, inviting covers - a classic dominating typeface dwarfing some poor cartoon-like character.

But of course the relatively obscure Dickens title, if anything by Dickens can be obscure, Little Dorrit, was not among the titles Vintage is publishing with the new covers, and the woman at the bookstore, who looked it up for me, said it looks like there's no plan to do so. Dang, I have read, and own, all these. So I left with my generic Penguin Little Dorrit, and it goddamned better be good.


toniclark said...

Ha! Hope it's good. I haven't read much Dickens, if any, since high school. No, not true. I read A Tale of Two Cities in high school, in college, and once more after that. Never read Little Dorrit.

Andrew Shields said...

LD is fabulous. There was an utterly brilliant BBC version in the mid-80s which was apparently too brilliant to be released on DVD, which is sad, because it contains one of Alec Guinness's greatest performances, and it's a masterly rethinking of the novel.

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