Monday, December 19, 2011

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Just sayin.

We visited IKEA this weekend and I was surprised to find out they are banking on the death of the book. They're redesigning their Billy bookcases to be deeper, because they don't expect people to use them for books anymore. We recently bought a "bookshelf" from IKEA that's very deep, but I didn't appreciate the sinister warning in it. Now that I look I realize the depth is mostly unnecessary since we are using it for books, which we continue to accumulate. Maybe here the expression "like they're going out of style" would be appropriate?
I know many believe books are headed for extinction as just another outdated technology. But books have been around for thousands of years, like houses, like shoes, like earrings. I haven't seen those things fall by the wayside yet.

One thing in need of a serious update is the umbrella. When it is windy that contraption just does not work. Why is no one able to improve on this old technology?


Teresa Evangeline said...

I hope books never go out of style. I cannot imagine (and don't want to) a world without them. The kind you hold in your hands with paper and binding and an interesting cover.

I do a mini rant about this every chance I get.

Love your titles. They always draw me in and I'm glad they do. Nice content, too.

Kathleen said...

Hanging on to my books! And bookshelves! I see some nice decorating possibilities with deep bookcases, though. Plus, you can use them for really deep books.

I will talk to my industrial design student son about the umbrella problem!!

fleck said...

My last windproof umbrella succumbed to a test of windy wills in Chicago, so a friend sent me a link to for the next round.

One good thing about wider bookshelves is that you can make double rows of smaller books. If using as a room divider, you can put books spine out from both sides. If against a single wall, you can play Random Read and pick a book spine unseen from the inner row.

SarahJane said...

Yes, for really deep books, like those of Jacques Lacan!

ArtSparker said...

Aaaaagh re bookcases. I would disagree with you on umbrellas, though, I find their workings to be a miracle of design. Just don't frighten the horses!

SarahJane said...

I do like umbrellas, they are so winglike. But too often they don't work.

That is a good idea about room dividing!

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