Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It has snown.

I was browsing a Roz Chast book recently and one of the comics was "Kitsch in Nature." The three things singled out were peacocks, foliage season and snowfall shortly before Christmas. All true!

I woke up this morning and it was snowing copiously and beautifully. My son jumped for joy and I kind of did, too, but also felt unnerved because my mother and sister are scheduled to fly from the states tonight and if their trips get screwed up I will be unhappy. Last year my sister had to scrap her trip completely because of snow, and my mother only arrived on Dec. 26. PLEASE GOD! Save the snow for later.

Snow is nice, though (please stop!). And here's a nicer thing. The International Center of Photography in NY used a photo by my brother Thatcher for its Christmas card this year. Click on it to make it bigger.

The victim has yet to be identified.


Kathleen said...

Safe travels to your mother and sister. I love your brother's photo. And my industrial designer son says the Samurai umbrella (Kikkerland, at Bed, Bath, & Beyond) should solve all your rain problems. Maybe it works on snow, too. Wet snow, anyway. Or Blunt umbrellas.

Yours, precipitously...

Kass said...

Congratulations to Thatcher. Love that photo.

You must still be young at heart if you can jump for joy over snow.

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