Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Owls and Kiwis

I've had to activate the "moderate comments" function after receiving a number of spam comments recently. As far as my blog goes, the spambots are posting with links to what I assume are shopping sites for purses. I don't know. I didn't click, and I wouldn't want anyone else to either.

The amount of offensive spam I get in my work email has also gone berserk. Even the subject lines are pornographic. Thinking of my kids receiving the same stuff makes me want to go out and arrest people. It's at the point where I see the words "long" and "hard," even in the most innocuous settings, and I cringe. I was at the store the other day fingering the kiwis. A man beside me was doing the same and he turned to me and said "they're all hard," and I was like, "you pig." It's sad.

Spam isn't as bad with my Yahoo! account, the trade-off being I have to look at celebrity stories on the homepage. I keep thinking there must be a way to 'personalize' my page, as the site promises. Block all Demi & Ashton. Block all Kardashan. Block reality tv "news." Bloooock!

It hit home (again) today when I read a story in the New York Times about how many wines now have in-your-face names, like "Sweet Bitch," "Royal Bitch," and "Sassy Bitch," as well as "Fat Bastard," "Ball Buster," and "Bigass Red." The wineries using these names claim they must separate themselves from "the herd on the shelf." To me it sounds more like getting down with the lowest common denominator. Or maybe I've lost my sense of humor. My house wine is La Cuvée Mythique, a dark, mysterious red with a charming non-sexual owl on the label.


Kathleen said...

I will seek out your owlish Mythique. I confess to having drunk some Fat Bastard at some point. Also cheap wines called Cupcake and Chill Out. Right now I have something with a reindeer on it.

Andrew Shields said...

The owl may look innocent, but what is it thinking?

ron hardy said...

A lot of times yooha posts a tiny photo next to the headline that is only obliquely related to the story. This drove me crazy and I created a goggle page where I think you have a little more control. Jerry Sandusky-less.

ken said...

I, too, have yahoo mail, and I, too, loathe their celebrity-saturated homepages. They must think they're catering to Natl. Enquirer readers.

Rallentanda said...

It pains me to see that you have reached a stage where you are having doubts about your own value system and questioning your sense of humour.

No matter how magnificent the taste I would never purchase anything called "Fat Bastard" etc.

Vileness is commonplace now and a poet of your calibre should draw a defining line between yourself and the dross.If it's feintly elitist..fantastic!

Lady MacBeff said...

I, too, question the owl's innocence. Looks like s/he is startled to have been caught without the fig leaf. But, I wasn't able to zoom in closely. And after having drunk the wine, you probably are more attuned to the creature.

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