Thursday, December 01, 2011


The nice thing about December in Germany is it’s spelled with a z. Exotic, no?

December also brought the publication of YB and Umbrella, both of which include some of my poems. YB, in its Animals issue, has “Reindeer” from my chapbook, and Umbrella has “Our Lady of Busted Cutlery” and “Keeping my Cool.” Umbrella also has two poems by our lady of escape, Kathleen Kirk.

Some days ago The Medulla Review also went live, publishing my poem “Baseler Platz.” My office is on Baseler Platz. It’s an odd geography, encompassing a couple nice new offices and residential buildings, but also rundown store fronts, a chronic traffic snarl and the outskirts of the main train station. The poem, as always, is based on a true story.

On a side note, Diane Lockward a couple days ago blogged about guest editing for Adanna’s inaugural issue (which published my poem “Low Grass”) for anyone interested in the ins and outs of submissions.

While we’re on the subject of submissions - from a poet's point of view - yesterday was my birthday and I got a rejection. (You’d think in this age that your email would let you program what kind of mail you receive on your birthday.) It was funny because after letting me know they didn’t want my poems, they asked me to 1) follow them on Facebook; 2) subscribe to their updates; 3) take the time to register their response time on Duotrope (a lit magazine guide); and 4) reminded me to please take six months before submitting again.

It was my birthday. And I didn’t do a damned one of those things.

As my folks say, “Happy new month.”


Kathleen said...

I was just enjoying your poems in all those places!

Oh, yes, how annoying to get a rejection on your "brithday."

ron hardy said...

You say it's your birthday? Happy birthday Sarah Jane. I loved all three of your poems, especially "Keeping my Cool."

ken said...

What? Only ONE space after periods now?

-- Mr. Dodo

P.S. Happy Birthday!

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Poet Hound said...

Dear SarahJane,
You have won our contest at Poet Hound, please e-mail me at poethoundblogspotATyahooDOTcom with your mailing address so I can notify Joni Cole of where to send your prize!

Charmi said...

Beautiful pieces, Sarah! I was just poking around Umbrella and saw you there.

And happy late birthday, to you, December's child.

Charmi said...

But I must be wrong - you are November's child?

SarahJane said...

Yup, November. Just squeezed in.

toniclark said...

How rude of those editors to send a rejection on your birthday -- AND to ask so many favors, to boot!

CONGRATS on all the pubs. I've read all (most of?) these and am going to go read them again. Kathleen's, too!

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