Saturday, November 26, 2011

the oracle at work

It’s when I try to take a nap that everyone seems to seek my counsel.
Questions come up like “if someone wants toast but there’s no bread, then what?”
Or this one – “are you sleeping?”
Sometimes observations need to be shared, like “the TV won’t go on.”
Or someone simply opens the door and gazes at me, as if that were of great support to them.
Then my mother calls. After congratulating me for taking a nap, there’s just one question – “do you remember where I put the dumpling recipe?”


ron hardy said...

Eventually Siri's little sister will handle all incoming slumber inquiries.

OneMeditator said...

Lol. That was funny and gave me a good laugh. Thank you, I really needed that. (^_^) I enjoy your blog by the way. I hope you get a longer nap soon!

Kathleen said...

If she finds it, will you share the dumpling recipe?

ken said...

People still eat dumplings?

Kass said...

What if no one required your presence?

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