Tuesday, November 22, 2011


on nov 22 it rained the night before
but everything cleared by the next morning
so if you were looking at various photographs
of the motorcade route and the crowd gathered there
you will have noticed
nobody is wearing a raincoat

nobody has an open umbrella
why, because it's a beautiful day
and then I noticed in all of Dallas
there appears to be exactly one person
standing under an open black umbrella

and that person is standing where
the shots begin to rain into the limosine
let us call him the umbrella man

you can see him in certain frames from the zapruder film
standing right there by the stemmons freeway sign
there are other still photographs taken
from other locations in dealey plaza
which show the whole man

standing under an open black umbrella
the only person under any umbrella
in all of dallas

(this is a found poem transcribed from a video concerning the Kennedy assassination 48 years ago today.)


Kathleen said...

Thank you for this.

Richard said...

You're one after my own heart when you start with the "found" poetry!

Anonymous said...

That's cool!

Check this out:


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