Sunday, August 21, 2011

you cannot unlock a door that is unlocked

Of all doors in the vacation house, the kitchen door is the worst.

It must be opened with a key but the key will not position properly to turn the lock.

Rejiggle and try to turn, rejiggle and try. It all comes to nothing.

This lock is like a clump of knotted hair that only gets knottier.

Just leave it alone and come back later? Take a walk around, lay the key down and hope it works when it’s cooled off?

(Is this even the key?)

Wanted: Two bearded vikings with battering ram.

And lo, I say unto thee, someone may have moved the stone but even Jesus could not unlock this lock.


Dominic Rivron said...

You have to keep turning the key in one of our doors. Sometimes the key works better upside down.

Kathleen said...

We loved our vacation house, but it had so many doors, 1) we got lost in the house sometimes, and 2) we took bets on how many and then counted them.

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