Thursday, August 18, 2011


I'm in Vienna for a couple days, working. Our office is in a very nice area just a street over from the Dom, with its horse-drawn carriages and Catholic icon shops. Ah the smell of horse shit! So unlike bus exhaust.

I would like to commend Viennese retailers on their integrity. These guys do not dabble. If it is a kimono shop, you will find only kimonos. If it is a cigar shop, there are no cigarettes. The Catholic icon shop sells crucifixes, religious statuettes and purposeful candles. There are no t-shirts that say God hearts Vienna. I was in a candy shop yesterday that was a purifying experience. I asked about the different licorices and was given different licorices to try. (I bought chocolate.)

It is strange to think that the population of all of Austria is only about the size of that of NYC. As far as I'm concerned, with Vienna, the Alps and Sigmund Freud, the country has everything it needs.


Kathleen said...

Ah, imagining the smell of...the chocolate!

Vrinda said...

And... horse shit. So unlike bus exhaust!

Anonymous said...

"that was a purifying experience" - so good to hear that word in a non- religious context. My daughter visited Vienna last summer and one of her sublime experiences was eating strudel in a tea room.

toniclark said...

Never heard of chocolate licorice! Hmmm... I see there's a Twizzler's type and Amazon has several brands. Who knew? (Not me.)

SarahJane said...

Sorry Toni! I meant I bought chocolate instead of licorice. I tried the Salzlakriz and it had nothing to do with sweets.

Eating Strudel in a tearoom sounds lovely. It was too hot for me to even attempt, though, while I was there.

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