Saturday, May 07, 2011


Looks like another beautiful weekend – sunny and a bit cool, our small garden exploding with wisteria, clematis and all kinds of other stuff and nobody knows what the hell it is. I took the dog out this morning and the birds were tee-oo-ing away, except for one that was making a wretched sound I’d never heard before. Let’s call him the barfing bird. He’s apparently had enough of picturebook springtime. He gave me a good laugh.

Speaking of self-expression, I’ve had a few poems in print publications lately that I thought I’d mention. First, my poem “Whisk” is in the new RHINO. This is one of my household totem poems, and one of my favorites from that series.

I’ve also got a ghazal in issue 48 of Hayden’ Ferry Review called “Ghazal of the Jack Pines.” Hayden’s Ferry actually pays writers, which is pretty cool, although I turned down the payment in exchange for a subscription, which I’m expecting to improve my life more than money might.

Neither RHINO nor Hayden’s Ferry have actually arrived yet, though I got notifications that they are at this very moment making the big swim. But my copy of Passages North has come, and it’s gorgeous. The cover graphic is bold and sober and folkloric. I have two poems in the issue – “From the Back of My Mind,” and “Table, Uncleared.” Among the poetry, I like the dawn losinger poem “She Had No Elbows,” which starts, “etiquette came easy.” I also like the Jason Tandon poem “Neighbors,” which starts:

Like a pink-skinned moon
a boy’s head rises
in the window across from mine
and yells that we can be friends if I want.

Which brings me back to my new neighbor, the barfing bird, with whom I struck up an immediate friendship, our twin heads rising above all this flowering green to retch a little bit, just to keep things in perspective.


Tawnysha Greene said...

Congrats on the wonderful publications!

SarahJane said...


Sandy Longhorn said...

Why am I stunned to learn you have wisteria over there? It feels so southern US to me.

Many congrats on the publications. Love all those journals and hope to get a glimpse of your poems in them quite soon. (I'm way behind on my reading!)

Kathleen said...

Congrats on all the poems! Today we heard birds that sound like water dropping in a well.

SarahJane said...

Thanks folks.
Sandy & Kathleen- we also have magnolia trees, and cranky birds.

Jeff said...

And consider the red bellied woodpecker who bangs his head relentlessly against the eaves of my house. Some type of mating call I've heard. Not sure how effective it is to use your head as a maraca...then again, I've never tried that method myself...

Congrats on the new publications!

toniclark said...

Congrats on the great pubs. I want to see that Passages North, in particular.

As far as weather, nothing but rain here. And the rising lake. Record level.

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