Sunday, May 01, 2011

My dog attempts suicide

Hey what’s this, oh a bucket of charcoal. Yeah hey I wonder what THAT tastes like hmmm chum chum chum hmmmn well no one’s looking and these are not bad nothing to write home about but hmmmn they kind of melt in your mouth if you chew them up good chum chum well I can’t believe somebody left these here unguarded these dogbite-sized briquettes of coal what’d they think I wasn’t stupid enough to eat the whole bucket of this stuff hmmn nmmm heh heh WRONG!

1 comment:

Leslie Morgan said...

Oh, very good! My friend had a huge, lumbering, lovable lummox of a dog that ate most of a bag of dry concrete one fine day. We kept waiting for the disaster. Never happened. That dog was indestructable.

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